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the law. actually u.n. charter for any nation state to violate, and another mission, except in self-defense. and pakistan, notwithstanding the entire world opinion is behind the u.s. in this. so far, this means the u.s. government and the government, apparently, yes, there is no backing, but i think there's tacit approval from the government, maybe even the military that the drone attacks must continue. if there's widespread belief that pakistan shares intelligence with the u.s., then it's not violating a country's sovereignty, is it? >> apparently what you say is true, is not violating. but when we look at the operation level, this is going to create a lot of problems, both for pakistan and the united states. there is going to be two kinds of backlashes. number one, people are going to be attacking the pakistan government for not defending them enough, and the pakistani people, they're going to turn more and more anti-american. but this stand by the u.n. at least gives some reason to the pakistani government to do some kind of a protest and suggest to the american government to rea
polling stations, there were long lines. at some, the law and the -- the lines were much shorter. , people were not turning up in huge numbers to the polling stations. people have their own reasons as to why that happens. the main reason seem to said they were not given enough time to understand what was really going on. whate have to wait and see the numbers were like and what people decided to do. >> how did they view -- is it being seen as a key vote or something unlikely to make a difference? >> there are some people who feel that it has been driven to a much by the politicians and not by the ordinary people. this would usher in a new beginning. the priority is economic growth. they want job creation. it is about feeding their families, being able to survive and lead a decent life in zimbabwe. hoping the constitution goes smoothly. they hope it is peaceful. they want to go on with their lives. >> ok, thank you very much. protesters have rallied to support an appeal against last week's election results. police through teargas in protesters in nairobi. they're supporting odinga's petitio
in saying he breached his terms by contacting hamas. under israeli military law, they can be sent back to jail based on secret evidence. palestinian lawyers are now fighting the law. this father and son work quietly, think about who is missing. other son has been arrested again by the israeli army. the family said it was useless to try to start a new life. wouldn't ask him anything. they would just have him sitting, waiting. every day they would do this. >> there were 40 palestinians released. two of them have been arrested again. they may end up having to serve the remainder of their old sentence. more than 1000 palestinian prisoners were exchanged for the israeli soldier. but many have been arrested again based on secret evidence. >> but is dangerous is that they don't provide any concrete evidence that those people break the law. but rather, rely on secret evidence. >> the prisoner deal was negotiated between hamas and israel and guaranteed by egypt. hamas is asking a judge to intervene. -- egypt to intervene. >> there are conditions for that release, and if they break those conditi
's healthcare law. president obama said a difference with republicans may be too wide to reach a deal. it may ultimately be the differences are just too wide, if their position is we cannot to any revenue or we can only do revenue if we get medicare or social security or gut medicaid. if that is the position, we probably will not get a deal. >> president of a mess, it's also, senate democrats released 'seir 14 -- president obama comments also came as senate democrats released their 2014 budget. colorado state lawmakers have given final approval to some of the toughest gun control laws in the country. the measures include a limit on ammunition magazines to 15 rounds, forcing gun buyers to pay for background checks, a requirement that domestic abusers surrender their guns, and a ban on obtaining concealed-carry permits online. the democratic governor has pledged to sign the measures in the law. in egyptian government inquiry has found the regime of ousted president mubarak was behind nearly the killing of all 900 protesters during the country's uprising. according to the associated press, a fac
's sort of related to something called the law of large numbers. and if we have an event that we repeat over and over, a random event, and we do it independently many, many times, we find that it's going to eventually converge to a finite number that's between zero and one, and we call that the probability of observing the event. so the law of large numbers basically tells us that if we do a random event, a random outcome, over and over, it'll eventually converge to a well-defined probability. >> so we could take a very simple example, right? we could just do coin tossing. so i toss a coin, and if i get heads, i get a dollar. if i get tails, you get a dollar. so if we did this a million times -- a million is a pretty big number -- we would expect that after a million times i'd get about half of them i'd win, half of them you'd win, so that we should be even. >> exactly. and if you think about it, the first time we play the game, there will only be one winner and one loser, so there will only be one outcome. so we can't use our probability equation, because the probability is, one, that
. >> an attempt at law and order in a land controlled by rebel forces with the syrian state no longer exist and there. this is an investigation into a criminal case and it's run by religious committee made of lawyers and local leaders. >> the case is about money. we have limited capabilities but we managed to find the group making phony money. >> in another room, the same committee has a more civil role. this rebel fighter is signing a marriage contract with his wife, his fourth wife. >> it is a historic day. this is the day of my marriage. >> he is the man behind the idea. he as united village elders and scholars from across the region in order to start building what they hope will be the foundation of new institutions. >> our main goal is justice and to get people back their rights. we want people living outside the areas controlled by the regime to know there is someone looking after them. >> the religious communities here are doing their best to take care functions that don't exist amor under the state. they are bringing awareness to those doing the fighting. support the rebels and thei
their graduation from the law college. when you talk to them, these young people, they say they fear an uncertain future, but they believe they can actually make it better. outside these campus walls, it is a little bit more grim. a lot of people feel that over the past 10 years almost nothing has been a cop list. but here there is still the hope that they can actually go out and do things and change things and make a better a rack. an iraqir we spoke to foreign minister and he said that iraqi politicians are responsible for failing iraqi citizens. >> unfortunately, recently the number of attacks has increased. a few days ago the terrorists stormed the justice ministry in downtown baghdad. car bombingsthese that indicates one thing. political differences and discourse among iraqi politicians and leaders have contributed a great deal to this lack of security. and the weaknesses also of the security regime that is in place to allow all this infiltration, and really those people should be held accountable for this lack of vigilance, lack of seriousness to protect the people. whenever you have politi
wrong. the earth was one of many celestial bodies, all of which obeyed the same impartial laws. at the same time europeans learned of that revelation, the discovery of the americas and the exploration of the far east revealed that europe wasn't the center of the world. inhis time of spiritual crisis provoked by the explosion of knowledge, artists sought new ways of seeing and understanding. the out-thrust left arm of the disciple startled and astonished its first viewers in 1600. it breaks into the space in which we stand. the naturalism of this painting of christ at emmaus by michelangelo merisi, known as caravaggio, was unprecedented. its intention is to convince us we're participants in this astonishing event, god's presence in the flesh. we may no longer regard the earth as unique, caravaggio seems be saying, but god has dwelt amongst us. divinity and sanctity are to be found in our midst. caravaggio went out into rome's streets and put people he found there in his paintings. he came to rome from northern italy in the last decade of the 16th century. a strange, violent, dri
the u.n. arms embargo is decided by the security council and the laws and regulations that define what is legal or illegal in regards to the national arms trade. >> you talk about the meeting at the u.n. we know the u.n. arms treaty has been delayed before. how confident are you the countries involved will come to any kind of significant agreement this time around? >> i think it's a challenge but i think one of the big clouds of july, that the presidential elections here in the u.s. has been lifted. and i think the u.s. will come with a very constructive position, having had time now, as requested, to study the document and make proposals to strengthen it. the challenge will be we're having a negotiation between 193 states who have raised different interests with regards to the arms trade and i think trying to find compromises that still produce a strong treaty will be where the challenge will be. it could be possible, there could be an agreement but could be a question of will that treaty make a difference? that will be a crucial element to discuss and consider during these two weeks.
, the only law was rule of fate; the only order, a moral restitution where everybody dies at the end. but these films were always seductive. listen to richard widmark tell you. it is hard to refuse a story of sex, money and murder, as you will see in "film noir." (music playing) (narrator) it was the 40's. right after the war. going to the movies was like going to a candy store. something for everybody. popular films were melodramas, romances, musicals. the big song and dance. (singing romantic song) (crack) but that's not my kind of movie. (dramatic music playing) (laughter) (gunshot) (splash) (dramatic music playing) (crash) aaahh! (dramatic music playing) (screams) it was all very queer, but queerer things were yet to come. (narrator in shadows) you could always find me in a theatre around the corner. people like me liked pictures dark and mysterious. most were "b" movies, made on the cheap. others were classy models with "a" talent. but they all had one thing in common. they lived on the edge. told stories about life in the streets, shady characters, crooked cops, twisted love an
them to their destinations. it is the biggest overhaul since new laws to protect european travelers were introduced to the commission eight years ago. ireland is considering a controversial new plan to sell off large parts of its forests. it is part of a plan to reduce its debt. it is a decision with historical resonance. ireland was the forest did during its colonial past -- was deforested during its colonial past. >> you can see forest of spruce and conifer, carefully managed and grown to
studying law at peking university. he has a doctorate in economics. he joins china's communist party in 1976 when he was 21. he met and forms -- and formed a close bond with hu jintao. he is seen as being tough on irruption. party insiders say he was instrumental -- on corruption. a filipino separatists has told al jazeera that his fighters were backed in the 1960's. they arenic twist, battling the malaysian government. they have joined the sulu army. we look at whether malaysia's foreign-policy in the 1960's has backfired. >> it was once a 30,000 strong army. the national liberation front led a rebellion against the philippine government in the 1960's. it wanted a separate homeland for the people of the southern philippines. but its leader has now told al jazeera it was a movement backed by a powerful ally -- malaysia. this professor says they received funding, weapons, and training from the malaysian government. in alaysia, you know, was state of war with marcos. in order to survive, they needed from divert marcos' ire malaysia. >> malaysia chose to arm them after plans were expose
are also responsible for the law and order situation. on this to come program, what's in a name in south africa? afrikaners say that history is being rewritten. >> i'm at the sight of one of the largest repositories for nuclear waste in the u.s. there are concerns that some of that waste is leaking into the environment. >> hello. welcome back. the weather across europe splits nicely into three. eastern areas, very active weather systems. central areas looking largely drive. -- dry. out to the west, an area of low pressure moving in, pushing across the uk and in towards france and germany. it is here where we are likely to see significant snowfall developing over the next couple days. for the northern parts of germany in particular, but also down towards the alps, who could see between 20 centimeters and 40 centimeters of snow. there will be some snow developing across much of scotland into northern parts of england. looking very unsettled across much of france and northern parts of the iberian peninsula. you can see that it is looking pretty dry in the more central areas, but it should b
will punish corrupt officials to the full extent of the law. we must make sure that power is exercised in an open and transparent way. >> he said he would also work to reduce pollution in cities, increase food security and shrink the gap between rich and poor. now the leadership has to prove it can deliver. >moment, sports, but first a lok at other stories. >a searing government general wo defected to jordan this weekend -- amore all -- morale searing government general who defected to jordan this weekend says -- syrian government general who defected to jordan this weekend says assad's forces are losing morale. dublin is celebrated in the streets. celebrated in the streets. it is a worldwide celebration of irish culture. the football association has slept a lifetime ban on a 20- year-old player after he made what appeared to be a nazi salute -- slapped a lifetime ban on a 20-year-old player after he made what appeared to be a nazi salute. he claimed he did not know what it meant. the formula one season has gotten off to a great start. >> he took a gamble, and one. the lotus driver ma
? what's gonna happen? -- let's try it. a one, a two, a three. and there you see newton's law flawlessly executed. that distinction between-- that distinction between weight and mass, i can kind of show you that kind of neatly with this device. what i'm gonna do is take this heavy ball-- heavy ball or massive ball? - both. - yes. both, yeah. see, i'm gonna take this ball. it's got a lot of mass, also has a lot of weight, okay? and what i'm gonna do, i'm gonna take one of these strings in the bottom. you see i'll try different trials here. and i'm gonna pull, pull, pull. i'm gonna pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, pull, until one of these strings, either the bottom one or the top one, is gonna break. and what i want you to do is i want you to guess, hypothesize, which string, the top or the bottom will break with a gradual, gradual tension increased at the bottom? check your neighbor. okay, when i pull that very, very slowly, gang, which string gonna break, top or bottom? - top. - top. top one? how many say the top? let's try it. [laughter] maybe newton's having a bad day. [laughter] you know
, and talking about how the great myths and the torah - exodus and liberation and the giving of the law of sinai - drive the whole liturgical or ritual cycle throughout the jewish year in terms of festivals. and also meet the needs of rites of passage experiences, like marriage or coming to adulthood in the bat and bar mitzvah - so there it is. another thing they do, besides transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, is rituals imply doing - they imply activity on the part of the believers. and for me, that's why i guess, of all the dimensions, if i had to pick one that just seems to be most interesting, and how odd this is the one where we don't have a roll-in - i guess we've seen plenty of rituals - but that's what's so fun about seeing people do things. whether it's praying or singing or chanting or drumming or dancing, humans are doing it - you can't see religious experience; that's why it's the hardest dimension for me as a teacher to teach. myths, you can read, but they don't capture like seeing someone doing something. yeah, janet? >> i was invited by the kidney foundation to do a
god. the english will fall on their knees and beg thee to let them return to their lawful homes in peace. wilt be a poor little judas and betray me and him that sent me? i shall dare, dare and dare again in god's name. art for or against me? no wonder that joan has fascinated playwrights and actresses. shaw said of joan, she was very capable, a born boss. in scene one, joan persuades captain robert baudricourt to support her cause and to give her a horse and armor. in scene two, she convinces the dauphin she is sent to drive the english away from orleans and to crown him king in the cathedral at reims. eventually, the knights all pledge themselves to joan's cause. in scene three, joan and the army wait on the south bank of the loire for a west wind. joan prays, the wind changes, and the boats advance the army to the english encampment. scene four takes place in the english camp after joan and her army have won french victory at orleans. the english and the french churchmen plan for joan's fall. this production covers the last two scenes of the play and the epilogue. we begin wit
violate the laws of physics "and show you that mind over matter. "that $300 you've spent for that 15-minute session "is gonna pay off "because we're gonna apply those techniques "and we're gonna show that you can walk with bare feet on hot coals." and so the people do that. they take off their shoes, bare feet, they step on the hot coals. they walk across and they think they have violated physics. gang, those are hot coals of what? wood. wood. and that wood is very hot, isn't it? how much of that heat in that wood is gonna get to the feet? what does it depend upon? not only the temperature of the wood but something else. begin with a c, end with onductivity. see if you can put it together. what is it, gang? conductivity. it's conductivity. and that conductivity of the wood is good or not so good? not so good. not so good. so when you step with your barefoot on that hot coal, there is a heat transfer. but a lot or a little? what the answer begin with, gang? l. okay, l. okay. so it's a little l, right? and so only it makes sense, a little, little heat. only a little bit of heat will ge
Search Results 0 to 18 of about 19 (some duplicates have been removed)